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"Without A Trace"

A fishing boat wall-hanging sculpture by Evelyn J C Calvert 


Overall height: 27 1/2" (70cm)

Overall width:  18" (46cm)

Overall depth: 4" (10cm)

Wall-hanging fishing boat sculpture - " Without A Trace"

SKU: EJC0001

    "Without A Trace" is made from cleaned and sterilised beachcombed materials retrieved from Cornish beaches. Each of these boat sculptures takes an enormous amount of time to scavenge, sort, clean and assemble. This one is made largely from commercial fishing gear which has been lost overboard or discarded into the sea. Part of the hull is a piece of fibreglass boat skin and many of the adornments are from lobster pots, crab pots and fish boxes.


    If not delighted by my work, it is returnable to me for a full refund.


    Please message me with your shipping requirements. Shipping will be at cost subject to your approval.

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