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evelyn calvert 

evelyn jeremy charles calvert

I am a London-born man now living and working in fabulous west Cornwall, UK. with my partner, Caroline (also an artist) and 3 cats.


I work in many mediums including pastels and acrylics but, for a number of years, I have been concentrating on sculpture (principally wall-hanging) using a palette of materials that can only be described as rubbish.

Marine litter is defined as human created waste that has been deliberately or accidentally introduced to our oceans, of which a frightening 80% is non-degradable plastics.


Sadly, Cornish beaches, those in the immediate locale in Mounts Bay such as Perranuthnoe Cove, Trenow Cove and Boat Cove and down around The Lizard, provide much to scavenge and utilise in my work.

Using these items largely in their ‘found form’ is highly challenging. Unlike many artists who cut and adapt found objects, I aim to minimalise the manipulation of foraged items.


An urgent desire to raise awareness of the huge problems of free plastics in the marine environment is what motivates me to produce these unusual pieces.

It is heartening that, in more recent times, the ‘ocean plastics’ message seems to be falling on more receptive ears and my work appears to benefit from that premium.

I largely sell through word of mouth and commission but have had work exhibited in such places as...

(1975) Contemporary Calgary:                 Monochrome Ink graphics for a Canadian cat charity.

(1977) Galerie Stienrotter Munster:            Natural history Ink drawings.

(1983) Westover Gallery Bournemouth:      Natural history Ink drawings.

(2006) High Tide Gallery Mevagissey:       Marine acrylics

(2016/7) St.Ives Society of Artists:             Marine acrylics and beachcombed plastics sculptures

I am currently exhibiting at THE LANE GALLERY in Truro.

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