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Elephants and Enfields

My first foray into blogging is a serialisation of my first book "Elephants and Enfields"


Dry, impersonal travel guides? Sure, they’re out there. Want the recipe for vegetable Xacuti? Not a problem. Is that a Bulbul or a Bee-eater? Taxonomy, migratory information and illustration, found in many technical manuals. Want to know how to cross Baga Road, Calangute at 9.30 in the morning without becoming the bonnet mascot on a tuk-tuk? Well that one you may struggle to find…until now.

‘Elephants & Enfields’ is a narrative non-fiction / travelogue in the style of the author Bill Bryson or Jerome K. Jerome. An ordinary, cynical Englishman’s account of a holiday trip to North Goa and some of the experiences which lead to his love of the people and their home state. It strives to be informative and educational but, most of all, funny and entertaining. It gives potted histories of some of North Goa’s significant landmarks and geographical features and humourous “flashback” anecdotes from the authors childhood and past life. Not only will it tell you how to get to Morjim beach, but will make you laugh whilst lying on it.

I hope you enjoy my efforts.

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